DJI Mavic Tray With 1/4,20 for Bottom Mouning, Handles and Phone Cradle

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Design for DJI Mavic pro and Platinum Version Drones. While you may not be able to fly, you can still professionally capture the action. From action sports, follow-cams, to small video productions, the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The DJI Mavic Tray from Eclipse Rover was developed to mount on the Eclipse Extension Poles, Tripods or can be Hand Held. The mobile phone cradle and handles are included, allowing you to see exactly what you are filming as you shoot hand held.

  • Capture precise cinematic shots by operating your DJI Mavic in this tray
  • Cell phone monitor mount for first person view (FPV) through your phone.
  • Rigid structural design provides a stable filming platform
  • Heavy Duty 1/4,20 threaded bottom allows you to mount to a tripod, Eclipse Extension Pole and a wide variety of other devices.


Tray with handles

Phone Cradle

Mounting Adapter

  • This is absolutely the best handheld stabilizer for DJI mavic pro Cinema Tray, it is special design for DJI Mavic pro and Platinum Version Drone, made of aluminum alloy, strong and durable.
  • The 1/4,20 threaded bottom allows you to mount to Tripods, Eclipse Extension Poles and a wide variety of other devices.
  • Handheld Gimbal stabilizer enables you to capture precise hand held shots in tight, or difficult to fly spaces and the mobile phones mount is also included allowing you to see what you are filming as you work in environments not suitable for flying.
  • Includes 3 1/4“-20 screw Soft Rubber Universal handle, phone mount (3 - 7 inches / 58mm - 105mm), and removable mini ball head allows you to use your mavic as a camera
  • Gimbal Holder Hand Support up and down in a variety of positions, Panning &Tilting and Low Angle Shots,allows you to carry your mavic drone to capture scenes on the ground, mimics the functionality of a dji osmo
  • It will hold up to violent movements .It is protected by Sponge Foam -backed rubber pads and nothing contacts your drone, prevent scratches; easy to install, it takes about 30 second
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