Diagonal Brace Kit

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This kit provides stability when using a Eclipse Rover Elevation Pole with a 1/4" thick detachable mounting plate.

The kit provides stability by allowing diagonal attachment of straps to the Detachable Mounting Plate. Elevated loads being hauled on a Eclipse Rover may cause tipping so user is responsible for testing and use of elevation poles.

4= 1/4" Eye Bolts.

1= Clamp with two eye bolts.

4= Ratchet Straps for diagonal connection from the plate up to the eye bolts.

NOTE: This can bend 1/8" thick detachable mounting plates.

Note: Too much weight placed on top of the pole can cause wobbling or tipping. We recommend facilitating load stability with a 1/4" thick detachable mounting plate. Available in your cart checkout.

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