Eclipse Rovers

What do you do when you can’t use a drone and traditional equipment just can’t capture what you need? Eclipse Rovers may be just what you need. They are radio controlled (RC) vehicles that give you the ability to put your equipment in places you may have never before thought possible. Not only can they be operated on flat surfaces, but when equipped with the Eclipse Wheels can be operated on pipes, cables and other rigid surfaces. Eclipse Rovers will open a whole new world of creative possibilities to help you accomplish your mission. Applications for Eclipse Rovers are found in a wide variety of applications including Moving 360 Video capture, Videography, Cinematography, Photography, Sporting Events, Education, Robotic Testing, Entertainment, Hospitality, Real Estate, Events, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, First Respondents, Search and Rescue, Inspections, Utility Inspection, Oil & Gas Inspections, Agriculture, Wild Life, Zoology, Military, Construction, Security, Energy, Health Care, Mapping, Surveying, and Mining. Contact us for help in choosing the model that will work best for you.