One Section Tall Crank Stand Pipe Kit_Eclipse Rovers

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One Section Tall Crank Stand Pipe Kit for Eclipse Rovers
Get smooth rolling shots with your Eclipse Rover by operating on pipes. This kit allows you to quickly set up and level one section of pipes to a height from about four feet up to about fourteen feet high.. The Eclipse Wheels and Pipe Hardware are designed to operate on 1.5" outside diameter pipe. In most cases you can use off the shelf ten foot long pipes which are readily available at most hardware stores, electrician supply houses and fencing suppliers.

This kit allow you to operate on one section of pipes. You can add additional sections by adding more stands and center Pipe Hanger Hardware. Because pipes are normally sold in 10' lengths you should plan on adding one stand and bracket every ten feet.

Included in this Kit
2- Tall Crank Stands
2- End Pipe Hanger Bracket
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