SHR CRAWLER Eclipse Rover and Pro Hardware Kit

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SHR CRAWLER Eclipse Rover and Pro Hardware Kit

Expand your creativity with the SHR CRAWLER Eclipse Rover Eclipse Rover Pro Kit. This Kit has what you need so you can operate on flat surfaces, as well as pipes, cables and other ridged surfaces.

Included in this Kit

1-SHR CRAWLER Eclipse Rover with Eclipse Wheels

3-Short Crank Stands

2-End pipe hanger brackets

1-Center pipe hanger bracket

1-Cable Mounting Bracket Kit

SHR CRAWLER Eclipse Rover

The SHR Crawler Eclipse Rover is built on the same chassis as the SHR Eclipse Rover and the little brother to the RPR Eclipse Rover. It is a light weight machine weighing just 14 pounds without attachments and has the same 20 pound load capacity as the standard RPR Eclipse Rover. The Brushless Sensored Motor delivers crawling speeds up to a slow running speed. This motor will give you improved speed control, especially when your required to move your payload slowly. This is especially helpful when capturing moving video or working around sensitive subjects. The SHR Eclipse Rover is equipped with metal gears and heavy duty 4mm T6 aluminum chassis for long lasting durability. The Aluminum bodied oil filled shocks with HD springs, waterproof electronics and heavy duty suspension.The mounting plate is powder coated 1/8” Aluminum with hole patterns that will work with all of the attachments offered on Because it's equipped with Eclipse Wheels your Eclipse Rover can also be operated on pipes,cables and other ridged surfaces in both the upright and inverted orientation. This Gimbal Car is an exceptionally smooth and stable platform for moving your equipment.

Hardware for operating on Pipes

The three short crank stands allows you to quickly set up two sections of pipes to a height of approximately 4’. The Eclipse Wheels and Pipe Hardware are designed to operate on 1.5" outside diameter pipe. In most cases you can use off the shelf ten foot long pipes which are readily available at most hardware stores, electrician supply houses and fencing suppliers. These brackets can be mounted to trusses, ceilings, saw horses, saw horses and other solid surfaces. Because pipes are normally sold in 10' lengths you should plan on adding one center bracket every ten feet. Be sure to check out our crank stands and truss kits.

Hardware for operating on Cables

The cable mounting kit is designed to be versatile. The components allow you to adapt for mounting to a wide verity of anchors such as trees, trusses, post. The Kit includes two mounting bars, four back bars, four eye bolts four bolts with washers and nuts.

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